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application process/timeline

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by sallycinnamon, Sep 4, 2001.

  1. sallycinnamon

    sallycinnamon Member

    Sep 4, 2001
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    hi all,
    first, great site here! lots of great and informative advice. secondly, i've got a few questions that i'd like to ask:
    1. i plan to apply for '03, when is best to take the DAT? the DAT is offered everyday, right?
    2. which/what review course (e.i kaplan, princeton .. ) and what prep CD's / books
    would you recommend based on your experience to prepare for the test?
    3. how many schools are you applying to, on average?
    4. when is the earliest date that you can mail out the application?
    5. how long does it usually take for the secondary to arrive? by receiving the secondary, does it mean you have a somewhat good chance of getting in?
    6. what are the chances of you getting into the school when you're at the interview step?
    7. what is the acceptance rate? i mean, how many ppl apply and how many actually got accepted on average?
    8. lastly, this is more of an undergrad thing: did any of you do a senior thesis as an undergrad? do you think it has helped your application? strengthened it, etc...do you think it's worth the time and sacrifice?
    i'd deeply appreciate any response fr your personal experience and expertise. thanks a bunch!
    - sally c! :D
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  3. eschou01

    eschou01 Member

    Aug 15, 2001
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    This is what I would suggest:

    1. If you plan to apply for Fall 2003, then take the DAT Spring 2002. Yes, the DAT is offered pretty much everyday, but you still have to schedule an appointment to get a date that suits you. One of my friends wanted to take the DAT last month but the earliest available date was in Oct.

    2. I used the Kaplan MCAT books for the science sections and Barron's Guide to the DAT for the rest of the test. Borrow these from a friend if you can, to save some money. Also, the Topscore CD from Scholarware (www.scholarware.com) is VERY helpful. It is ~$40.00. These are aids I used and I did very well on the DAT (of course, everyone's different).

    3. Deciding how many schools to which you will apply depends on a number of factors. For example, who will be paying all the application fees (you, parents, etc.)? Applying to several schools can be VERY expensive, especially in travel expenses if you go on a lot of interviews. I would definitely apply to all of your in-state schools. If you can, schedule a tour of a school before you apply. You may realize that the school is not for you and can save yourself some time and money in fees. If you have an outstanding GPA and DAT, you probably don't need to apply to a lot of schools. Again, it varies for everyone. I know people who applied to just one school and got in and people who applied to several and did not get in anywhere. I personally applied to 5 schools. I would STRONGLY suggest buying a copy of Admissions Requirements of US and Canadian Dental Schools. It is published by the ADEA (www.adea.org) and is ~$25.00 It has LOTS of info. about some of the questions your are asking as well as infor and stats. for each school.

    4. AADSAS begins processing applications on June 1st. You can submit one electronically or mail it in before then, but June 1st is the earliest it will be processed. If you are applying for Fall 2003, I would submit the AADSAS on June 1st, 2002.

    5. It depends on the school (after they receive your AADSAS). Sometimes 2 weeks, sometimes 6, sometimes more. Usually it takes AADSAS about 5 weeks to process your app. and send it out to schools, and then you have to wait for the school to send out the secondary, if they have one. Getting a secondary does not always mean your are seriously being considered for admission, although in some schools it does. Many schools send out secondaries to all applicants. Don't forget that each school usually has a secondary fee as well (see question #3).

    6. Again, it varies by school. Most schools only grant interviews for those applicants who are under serious consideration for admission, although some state-supported schools grant interviews to ALL in-state applicants (i.e. UK). Normally, though, an interview invite means that you are a pretty competitive applicant at that particular school.

    7. For exact numbers, please refer to Admissions Requirements of US and Canadian Dental Schools. I think the ADEA publishes an updated copy of this each year.

    8. I did not do a senior thesis, but it all depends on the student, I guess. If you REALLY want to strengthen your application, cover all of your bases:
    1) High GPA (see school averages)
    2) High DAT (see school averages)
    3) Clinical/Observation experience
    4) Research experience
    5) Extracurricular activities

    I cannot stress how helpful I think the Admissions book from the ADEA is. Most people always ask questions about GPA, DAT, tuition, etc. This book has ALL of that information for the nation as a whole as well as individual schools.

    Anyway, that is just my $0.02. I am an applicant as well, but these guidelines seem to work for me - I have my first interview next week at my #1 choice school. Again, each student is different, so what works for me may not necessarily work for anyone else. We all have the same destination, but how we get there is totally up to us.
  4. sallycinnamon

    sallycinnamon Member

    Sep 4, 2001
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    hi there,
    thanks so much for your response...it was more thorough than i had expected. that really helps =) best wishes! :)
    - sally c!
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