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Dec 1, 2011
  1. Pre-Podiatry
Really basic question, but just trying to get a general sense of when others do MCAT/Applications.

So, when do SDNers:
Start studying for MCAT?
Take MCAT?
Submit primary application?
Submit secondary applications?

Use the search function as there will be tons of variation in these answers.

The typical timeline is take MCAT during winter/spring/summer of Junior year. Submit primary as early as the first week of June, submit secondaries asap upon receipt (typically July/Aug).


Full Member
Jan 31, 2012
Start studying for MCAT?

Sometime around now, allow yourself 4-6 months to study, 3 months if you have no other commitments.

Take MCAT?


Submit primary application?

June/July, you can submit before your MCAT scores are out and LoRs are submitted. Do this to get verified as soon as possible (verification can take ~1 month so account for that).

Submit secondary applications?

ASAP but with good quality. I wouldn't let any secondaries go past 1.5-2 weeks but you can have a 1-2 day turnaround if you put your mind to it.
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7+ Year Member
Aug 8, 2012
  1. Medical Student
This is not a good example by any stretch, but here's how I did it. Learn from my mistakes!

Start studying for MCAT?

Took a PR class from January to March with intention of taking in April, had to cancel due to illness. Rescheduled for earliest date--3rd week of June. Spent six weeks studying after school let out.

Take MCAT?

June 21 (did not receive scores until July 24)

Submit primary application?

Very nearly canceled my scores cause I thought I had done really poorly, so assumed I would have to retake the test and did not pre-write anything. Shocked by my scores, had to scramble to finish my application/personal statement and completely revise my school list. Submitted August 1.

Submit secondary applications?

Submitted secondaries from 8/7-9/29 (verified 9/11, so all of my secondaries were turned around within two weeks).

DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF. A much better plan would be to take the MCAT at the earliest date that you think you can do well, start writing everything and submit on June 1 or thereabouts. You only need to pay for one school to be added to the queue, so pick one place that you'll apply to no matter how your score turns out and hit submit early. Then start writing your secondaries (almost all are available on the forums) so that when they arrive, you can turn them around within a day or two.

***Also, turn in EVERYTHING early--transcripts, letters, etc. There were a lot of people who turned in everything but LoR's in June but couldn't be considered complete at schools until September due to a late committee letter. Don't be that person!
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