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Application Tracker with Airtable


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Jul 21, 2008
  1. Medical Student (Accepted)
Hey folks! I am a long time reader on SDN and don't post often, but I am applying this cycle and wanted a way to keep track of it all. I am sure others have similar home grown solutions but I figured I would share mine with the community. I pre-seeded the base with some random schools so you could get an idea of how to use it. If anyone has a particular question or issue please let me know, I would be more than happy to assist.

First off Airtable is free (at least for this use case) and you can signup when you copy the base. All you have to do is click the below link and hit the "copy base" option link in the corner. I recommend copying the seed data provided so you can see how the linking works and then delete the any schools that you do not need.

Med School Application Tracker - Airtable . <----- *Link to duplicate the Airtable base in your own account*

School View.png
Med School Application Tracker - there are four different tables and a bunch of linking between them to make slicing and dicing your data all the more fun.

Add School.png
Add School - I also created a form you can use to quickly enter the information from MSAR that is relevant to you (click on Grid View > Add School > Open Form) once you have entered the school's information you can hit refresh and add another.

Location Info.png
Location Info - will populate when you add the city and state on the School and Program Info table (you'll have to scroll right). From there as long as you entered the zipcode in the field it will automatically generate a Zillow link for searching apartments, not comprehensive but a good place to start.

Fees That Kill - will auto calculate the application service fee and add the secondary application fee that you have populated on the School & Program table. This doesn't include the application service initial fee but you can easily add that to the total at the bottom.

Letters of Rec - as the table is named, you can track your letter writers here if needed.

Hopefully some of you will find this helpful, and good luck with the applications this year!
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