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Jan 29, 2005
Hi! Can you guys give me some advice? I recently decided that I want to go to public health school before med school rather than applying doing the MD/MPH at the same time. But, I'm a little (actually alot cuz I don't have GRE scores :) ) too late to apply for most school, esp CA schools. I researched and found out that some schools (Tulane, Boston, Columbia, George Washington) accept for the Spring 2006. Do you think I should just apply to those or wait a whole year to apply for Fall 2006????
I was thinking that I should just apply to see what happens. But, it would be extremely tempting to go if I got accepted; however, I don't think I have the funds to pay for a private university tuition. But, I also don't know if I would get into a CA school (I'm a CA resident) the next year. :confused: Sooo, do any of you know if financial aid packages are relatively good at private universities esp for Spring applicants??? Do you think I should wait or just go for it????