Applying IR/DR without a DR LOR

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Jun 14, 2019
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Hello, I was wondering if dual applying IR/DR without a DR LOR or rotation on my application be a red flag of any kind. I plan to apply only to DR programs with an ESIR slot. I was debating between doing 2 IR aways and 1 home DR rotation before ERAS submission OR doing 3 IR aways and than a DR rotation after application submission. I don't want to significantly harm my DR application, but at the same time, I know that IR aways are incredibly important. Thanks for any advice!

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If you are set on Interventional the more VIR aways the better, but it is nice to get a strong surgical subI letter if you can. The main issue being faced by IR PD is the drop outs from IR to DR and they want to see commitment. There is growing bias of DR against IR applicants as well as growing IR bias against those applicants that are on the "fence". It is easiest to shine on surgical subI and VIR subI and get a meaningful letter. It is hard to showcase much on DR as you are truly observing (sitting behind residents/fellows) and if you ask questions etc it slows the workflow down and can annoy the resident who is trying to get through the list and learn themselves.