Applying to Optometry Residency 101?

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Feb 14, 2014
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I'm having difficulty finding resources in applying for optometry residency as there isn't a formal system such as OptomCAS where you can send in all your required documents into one central location that helps liaison with various programs.

Is OR Match program where you submit the application online to show interest and then you subsequently email all application details to the corresponding program director?

What is a sufficient time period to apply? Is it similar to optometry school where you send in applications as soon as possible for better chances and if you send in your application too close to the deadline your chances of matching lower? What is considered being a more competitive applicant and what are GPA/NBEO thresholds? I don't feel like an overly outstanding competitive applicant but just an average applicant.

Looking for some guidance as I have already applied to one program but I feel extremely confused about the process as I am looking to apply to 2 more programs. I was initially under the impressions that as long as you send in applications before the deadline, you're OK. Deadlines are late December - mid February and I'm worried I'm late to the game, especially when I just found out that other students already interviewing.

Can someone shed some light on this as unfortunately, school didn't really go residency applications and it was more on the individuals interested in residency to figure out on their own and to apply.

Thank you!


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Mar 29, 2019
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my residency applications was rough, but I got help with the process, PM me I can help