Dec 2, 2010
I believe this is the most correct forum to post this, so.

I was looking for the prerequisites to get into the field of biology and medical sciences (which I assume to be the correct path for getting into medical school afterward) on my university, and I realized that one of the prerequisites were: MHF4U and MCV4U; which are the functions and calculus classes for my High School.

The thing is.. I was planning on this to be my last year of HS (finally), and my timetable is already full, I don't have time to take MHF or MCV. I do have the Data & Management 4U class, though.

Finally, the question: Are the prerequisites really OBLIGATORY in order to get in the field? I mean, will I have to stay one more year in HS to get those credits, just to try and get in? Won't they even look at my application without it?

Hell, some of the courses like SES4U I don't even think we have here, this will cost me one more year if I have to take those courses. s:


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Mar 23, 2008
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That's really a question for the school's admissions office. I'm not sure if this is the case in Canada or not, but schools (college and med schools alike) in the states will often cut you some slack if you get in touch with them about their pre-reqs. For example, UAMS has a "firm" policy of not admitting OOS applicants with a GPA less than 3.6. I'm from Missouri, had a 3.15, and am currently in my third year here. You do the math. :p

Basically, just get in touch with them to see if they'll work with you, then go from there.