Jan 10, 2015
Everywhere in this forum are people saying that the TPR FL is not representative of the real thing. Is it still good practice for some types of questions we'll see on the real MCAT?

I took the demo test and 2 of the other tests and have been scoring 500, 503, and 507 on them. I know these are good for TPR's scales, but how do these scores represent my capabilities for the real thing? (haven't taken AAMC Sample yet)

I notice that there are hardly any experimental analysis questions. Compared to the EK exams and AAMC official guide questions, the TPR chem and bio questions seem a lot easier to me. Is the real MCAT heavy on experiment based questions or does it have passages similar to those from the old MCAT/TPR FL?

Should I continue using these TPRs for practice or switch over to Khan Academy practice or Kaplan FL (or something else)?
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