Army GME vs. Civilian

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Jul 21, 2016
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Good evening all,

I'm looking for some clarification regarding my options should I take the Army HPSP. I understand that the vast, vast, proportion of graduating students train in Army residencies, but can someone provide insight on relative availability and competitiveness of each field vs. their civilian counterpart?
I know there is variation year to year given the needs of the service on the # of slots per field, but are strong grades/board scores/research/facetime during rotations just as meaningful as for civilians? If I am a strong student and apply intelligently, would I be at a disadvantage just by being an Army student going for a competitive field like EM, NS or derm?

Long story short, am I going to get funneled into a GMO tour or a field that I may not like but may be short on warm bodies?


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One of the main things is the importance of interview/audition rotations and total number of spots. Board scores and everything are still important. There are 1-2 army neurosurgery spots a year. That is almost nothing. GMO is unlikely in the army unless you don't match.

Search for the GME slideshow in these forums and it will give you the last 5 years of match data.
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YayPudding - After reviewing the GME Slideshows let us know how many DO's have been selected for Army NS in the last three+ years.
EM has had more applicants than positions every year for the last 7+ years. These 8-16 (per year) unsuccessful applicants for EM had to choose another specialty or complete a TY/Intern year then go GMO or apply again. Derm too is subject to the tyranny of small numbers and the varying applicant pool in any specific year.

Review the numbers. This is a risk to accept if you take the $$$.
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Anyone have an educated guess as to a change in dynamics as a result of the DO/MD residency merger? My school has ACGME pre accredited residencies like NS, ENT, Ortho and Optho that MDs can now apply for...
Military GME has been integrated for a long time. Likely will have little effect.

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Military GME has been integrated for a long time. Likely will have little effect.

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I mean to say do you think DO students would be more at an advantage in military matches given this new reality?

no. it will remain as it has been.

--your friendly neighborhood at least the military was ahead of the game on this one caveman
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