Asking for Friend - Prerqs required BEFORE application on OptomCAS?



    Hello, I am asking for a pre-optometry friend of mine that is stressed out. I told them it says in fine print "These courses may be planned or in-progress at the time of your application." , but they believe they are ineligible to apply because later it says "Below is the minimum coursework expected with your application."

    Are they not eligible to apply to Illinois College of Optometry? They just didn't take a social science course they plan to in the Fall.

    EDIT: I also said that by in-progress the cycle runs through 2020-2021 so taken between that time would be fine especially in Fall, but I may be totally wrong and just reassuring for nothing.
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    May 27, 2020
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      Your best bet is to reach out to the admission faculty. They get back quickly, especially at ICO. This forum is a huge asset for information, but nothing will beat asking the schools directly. Plus it helps to have your friend meet them and establish a relationship with the schools she is applying too.
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