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Jul 6, 2008
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Don't have an informed opinion of the man yet, but his first tweet is giving a voice to someone his organization just silenced - and supports residency contraction. Maybe there's hope.

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Dec 18, 2015
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The rad onc clown car! I see a photoshop coming from @scarbrtj . His previous Sidius one was money.
He’s big into local theatre, more reliable character actor-to-chorus/ensemble it seems vs "idol." Some of his highlights:

The Music Man(Salesman #4, Farmer), February 2007; A Parish Home Companion (co-author and host), May 2008; Oklahoma! (Andrew Carnes), August 2009; Miracle on 34th Street (Kris Kringle), December 2009; Curtains (Sidney Bernstein), May 2011; The Odd Couple (Oscar Madison), August 2011; #4 Three Gables Run (Nicholai Romanowsky), part of the 26th Annual One-Act Play Festival, February 2012; Catfish Moon (Curley; professional), May 2012; The 13th of Paris (Jacques; professional), January 2013; It’s A Wonderful Life (“live’ radio broadcast, multiple roles), December 2014; Moon Over Buffalo (George Hay, professional), March 2016; Black Coffee(Hercule Poirot), November 2017; and radio theatre with the “On The Air Radio Players”: The Golden Age of Comedy (multiple roles), June 2008; Miracle on 34th Street (Kris Kringle), December 2008; The Thin Man (Nick Charles), February 2009; The Maltese Falcon (Sam Spade), June 2009; The 39 Steps (Cecil B. DeMille, the Professor), March 2011.

Othello thankfully not on list.
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