Athletic Training Major....Chemisty? Please help.

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Jun 22, 2011
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Okay so I don't know if this is the wrong thread or section.. I am a newbie. I just made an account because Google was not working, and I can't get a hold of my counselor and all that. Plus I read threw a few other threads before I was a member and people here are really helpful and honest. :thumbup:

SO, I am an athletic training major. I plan on transferring next year. I just finished my first year at community college. I got all A's and B's. But I got a C in chemistry :scared:. I am in the honors program at school, (My chem. wasn't honors thank God), but I had a pretty heavy load of classes. I had a B all semester it was the accumulated final that did me in. So the college I want to go to list the prerequisites and chemistry isn't one. The chemistry is just to get into the school I guess.

All the prerequisites I have A's and B's, strong references, and a lot of observation hours. I am just wondering honestly how bad this will affect me? I am freaking out. :help:

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Don't sweat it, if all your other grades are As and Bs you should be absolutely fine. Just work hard and continue to get As and Bs! :)
you'll be okay since you have strong LOR and a lot of hours.

off topic question.

i am also planning to major in athletic training, my counselor isn't too well informed about any of the AT programs. could you tell me about some of the pre-req for AT ?