athletic training major/physical therapy

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Sep 10, 2014
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I'm a senior in high school and I'm wanting to get an athletic training bachelors degree and I was wondering if all the schools that offer athletic training as a major have an accredited program for it. (CAATE) and I was also wondering after I get the BS Athletic training degree and have a minor in some science, that covers the pre-requisites for physical therapy, if I can try to find a job as an athletic trainer and a few years later apply for PT school. Is it logical? Or does any of this make sense and is actually doable?


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Jan 24, 2014
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That is totally doable. We have several Athletic Trainers in my PT program right now. I would however say ditch the minor and just take your prerequisites (most schools won't have a minor that entails PT prerequisites so you will end up taking even more time and spending more money). Athletic training is a time consuming bachelors degree as it is. I would just get your BS in Athletic training then maybe take the rest of your prerequisites over the next year or so at a community college while working to save money and then go to PT school. That being said, if a minor is important to you or you go to a school that has a program built around those prerequisites then go for it.

Getting a degree in athletic training is also good because if you want to take a few years off between your bachelors and grad school you will have a useful degree that can get you a real job.

Being a therapist with dual credentials is cool, and it will give you some great experience to help you through PT school.