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Oct 4, 2000
    Dear 3rd and 4th year osteopathic medical students:

    We are conducting a survey about the importance of OMT in clinical practice, the internship and residency application process, and the differences between osteopathic and allopathic medical education.
    Last week, the attached survey was sent to all twenty osteopathic medical schools, with the hope of receiving at least 500 completed surveys. Thus far, we have received approximately 200 responses from 16 of the osteopathic medical schools. We are overwhelmed with the response thus far. However, we have not had any responses from several of the schools, including Des Moines, PCOM, Univ of North Texas, and New Jersey.
    Once we have recieved enough surveys, we will then conduct a literature search of similar studies and incoporate them with our results. The results of this study will then be analyzed with the hopes of being published in a nationally recognized osteopathic journal.
    Please help us to determine the future of osteopathic medicine by completing this brief survey. Your answers will be kept confidential, and the results should be completed within the next few months.
    In order to participate in our survey, please cut and paste the following survey below to a word document. Fill out the questions in the survey, save it, and then attach it to an email and send it to [email protected] or via U.S. Postal mail at 115 112th Avenue NE Apt. 710 St. Petersburg, FL 33716.
    If you have already received this study via email, please do not fill out another survey. If you have not filled out our survey, please take a few minutes to answer our questionare. We thank you for your cooperation.


    Jonathan Williams, MS-III and James P. Howell, MS-III
    Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

    ?The Future of Osteopathic Medicine? Survey School Attended________________
    Jonathan Williams, MSIII and James Howell, MSIII Class Year____________________
    Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Home State____________________

    *To be completed by current 3rd and 4th year osteopathic medical students. Please answer completely and honestly as confidentiality will be maintained.

    1. What percentage of your rotations incorporated osteopathic manipulation routinely in practice?
    ____>75% ____50-75% ____25-50% ____0-25%

    2. Do you believe that there is a significant difference between osteopathic and allopathic daily physician practices?
    ____Yes ____No

    3. After completing residency, how often do you foresee applying osteopathic manipulation in your practice?
    ____>75% ____50-75% ____25-50% ____0-25%

    4. Do you plan to pursue an ACGME (Allopathic), AOA (Osteopathic), or Dually-Accredited Residency Program?
    ____ACGME ____AOA ____Dually-Accredited

    5. What is the most influential factor for determining which residency to attend?
    ____Reputation ____Location (State or region of country)
    ____Familiarity with program ____Patient Volume/Diversity

    6. If pursuing an ACGME (Allopathic) residency program, will you complete the AOA internship year?
    ____Yes ____No

    7. Upon completion of residency, do you intend to practice in your home state?
    ____Yes ____No ____No Preference

    8. In addition to the COMLEX, did you also take the USMLE Step One Exam?
    ____Yes ____No

    9. At this point in your training, are you pleased with your choice to pursue an osteopathic medical (D.O.) degree?
    ____Yes ____No ____Somewhat

    10. What type of medicine do you intend to practice?
    ____Primary Care (FP, IM, Peds) ____IM Subspecialty (GI, Cardio, Nephro, etc.)
    ____OB/GYN ____General Surgery
    ____Emergency Medicine ____Surgical Subspecialty (Trauma, Ortho, Plastics, etc.)
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