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ATTENTION: list-serve for spouses & significant others

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by OldManDave, Dec 26, 1999.

  1. OldManDave

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    Feb 26, 1999
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    Attending Physician
    Hey, did you know you're one of the most important factors in enabling your spouse or significant other [SO] to pursue their dreams of becoming a physician. However, does it seem as though you're stuck "behind the scenes".
    Well, my wife [Wendy] & another pre-med spouse [Barbara] are creating a list-serve specifically directed to the needs, support and questions that you may have. Simply go to www.onelist.com and enroll in the list-serve: PreMedSpouses. On the OneList hompage, simply eneter PreMedSpouses into the search window, then join.

    Any questions, e-mail [email protected] or [email protected]

    'Old Man Dave'
    KCOM, Class of '03

    Nothing Risked, Nothing Gained!!

    'Old Man Dave'
    KCOM, Class of '03

    Nothing Risked, Nothing Gained!!

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  3. Oldman Dave this is a great idea.
    It is important to get a foundation set when entering the medical school years.
    The first 2 years are the hardest and put the most pressures on family ties and relationships.
    I think this will help a lot of people
    [​IMG] Diane

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