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Au.D. questions

Discussion in 'Audiology [ Au.D ]' started by bpop, Oct 29, 2017.

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  1. bpop


    Sep 3, 2017
    Hi everyone! I'm thinking of doing an Au.D. degree. I'm only in a Medical Assisting program, so I'm unsure of how it works as getting into the program.

    I'm thinking of attending University of Northern Colorado (the closest Au.D. program). All it says on their website is that I need an intro to audiology course and the GRE to be accepted... is that true? Or should I take other course work to be more competitive? I'm thinking of majoring in their audiology and speech bachelors degree, but it's kind of confusing as opposed to medical school applications, if that makes sense.

    So, I guess what I'm asking is what classes should I take, and if the bachelors in audiology and speech-language sciences would be enough to get in with the background in the program?

    Also, should I do shadowing in the field to make me more competitive? I've been thinking of doing this for a little while but I'm not sure...

    Also, what is a typical day like? Is it worth going through this program? Or should I go more towards optometry (another option of personal consideration).

    Thanks guys, and I'm sorry for so many questions!
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  3. I'm not an Au.D.

    From what I have read each school is different but their accreditation through ASHA requires them to make sure their students have certain pre-reqs. Like statistics, psychology, chemistry, research, etc.

    Yes definitely shadow an audiologist. It will help give you an idea of the field, and if you really want to be in the field.

    Hope and Au.D can come in here and help you with other questions. Good luck.

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