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10+ Year Member
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Feb 2, 2007
College Station, TX
  1. Medical Student
Disk 1: Intro, Physics Lecture 1 (Translational Motion); Physics Lecture 2 (Force).

Disk 2: Physics Lecture 3: (Equilibrium, Torque, & Energy); Physics Lecture 4: (Momentum, Machines, and Radiactive Decay).

Disk 3: Physics Lecture 5 (Fluid); Physics Lecture 6 (Waves)

Disk 4: Physics Lecture 7 (Electricity and Magnetism); Physics Lecture 8 (Lights and Optics).

Disk 5: Verbal Reasoning; Chemistry Lecture 1 (Atoms, Molecules, and Quantum Mechanics); Chemistry Lecture 2 (Gases, Kinetics, and Chemical Equilibrium)

Disk 6: Chemistry Lecture 2 (Lecture 2 Continued); Chemistry Lecture 3 (Thermodynamics); Chemistry Lecture 4 (Solutions); Chemistry Lecture 5 (Heat Capacity, Phase Change, and Colligative Properties).

Disk 7: Chemsitry Lecture 5 (Lecture 5 Continued); Chemistry Lecture 6 (Acid and Bases); Chemistry Lecture 7 (Electrochemistry).

Disk 8: Biology Lecture 1 (Molecular Biology); Biology Lecture 2 (Genes); Biology Lecture 3 (Microbiology).

Disk 9: Biology Lecture 3 (Lecture 3 Continued); Biology Lecture 4 (The Eukaryotic Cell; The Nervous System); Biology Lecture 5 (The Endocrine System).

Disk 10: Biology Lecture 6 (The Digestive System, The Excretory System); Biology Lecture 7 (The Cardiovascular System, The Respiratory System); Biology Lecture 8 (Muscle and Bone).

Disk 11: Biology Lecture 9 (Populations); Organic Chemistry Lecture 1 (Molecular Structure); Organic Chemistry Lecture 2 (Hydrocarbons, Alcohols, and Substitutions).

Disk 12: Organic Chemistry Lecture 2 (Organic Chemistry Lecture 2 Continued); Organic Chemistry Lecture 3 (Carbonyls and Amines); Organic Chemistry Lecture 4 (Biochemistry and Lab Techniques).

PS: No, I didnt type all that out...
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