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Dec 31, 1999
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I'm currently a sophomore preparing pre-med coursework ... my end goal is to graduate with a degree (with honors) in English, a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and possibly a minor in Computer Science. Of course, I know this is a tall order already, but so far I am making it work, with one exception.

For some of the research-intensive medical school programs I am looking at (including the **glorious** HST program at Harvard), among the prerequisites are linear algebra.

Quote: "HST candidates should take courses that include upper-level mathematics (through differential equations and linear algebra)"

My question is: do I have to enroll in these courses for credit? If I do, I will be forced to take between 1 to 3 credits more than my university allows (which means paying extra).

Since mere mortals like me cannot depend on that one in a million acceptance letter, I am considering auditing the courses (i.e. just sitting in the course with departmental permission and learning the material) so that I can actually fit my required courses into my schedule while having a fallback plan to the regular one year of math. Is this considered "taking courses that include upper-level mathematics", or do I have to enroll for credit? If so, is there some sort of certifying test I can take or some proof that I am proficient in higher-level math?

Is this possible or am I just insane?

Please do not distract yourself with auditing courses. Doing basic science research is a better use of your time.

If you want to go to medical school to become a MD/PhD - focus on getting a good science GPA and overall GPA. Take those higher level math courses for credit, not as audit.

I'd also suggest reaching out to MD/PhD programs now and start a dialogue with them so they know you're interested.
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