August 2009: USMLE Step 1 Support Thread


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Jul 5, 2009
  1. Medical Student

    I'm new on here, and I saw a July thread, so, since I'm in that hateful period of debilitating "review" boredom that's slowly escalating into this mind-numbing pre-exam fear, I thought I'd see how everyone else's been doing. I'm taking mine on the 18th...I've been studying since May--this last month of revising is eating into my psychiatry rotation. My initial plan was to spend two months on it, but because of the intractable nagging and prodding by some loving advice-giving 3rd-years, I was persuaded to spend an extra month doing...erm, filler work, mostly. But well.

    So...what's the what with everyone else's peri-August stepping, hm?!
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