Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum but I really like the help and support everyone provides for each other. I'm going to write the August MCAT and was wondering what material would be to help me practice and prepare. So far I have bought the Kaplan comprehensive review book, EK Verbal and 101 passages and AAMC stuff. A friend of mine told me to do lots and lots of practice questions so I was wondering, do I have enough practice material? Also from reading the forums it seems like The Princeton Review full-lenth exams are also excellent practice material even though a little tough. The only problem I have with The Princeton Review material is that I can't get it where I live since they don't offer the course here. So I was wondering if someone could give me some tips.

Thanks everyone! Any help would be much appreciated!!


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Hi there,
I'm also doing the August MCAT. Actually I rescheduled because I could not focus on my practice tests with school and Pre-Med Society activities. I've taken the f'ing expensive KAPLAN course and it has really helped me learn how to take the exam.

Review material won't help you for Verbal, just do lots of verbal full-lengths. I recently had done two full length practices during the week and my score went up 2.

Physical Science and Bio...hmm. I would recommend KAPLAN's stuff for BIO sections; it's all I really needed because I'm taking the heavy biologies and organic classes this year. Physical Science...ehh KAPLAN is ok. You could probably find better, but maybe that's just me talking.

I just went on a tour to Wayne State U Med School and they said that they don't really look at writing scores unless your "Personal Statement" is bad. Follow? Good luck!
I'll try my best to do as much practice with verbal passages as I can to up the verbal score. Would it be worth it to hit the LSAT verbal passages if I run out of good practice materials? I hear the LSAT verbal passages are hard. So I thought maybe if I got used to hard passages I would be preped for the MCAT.

I too am taking only higher level biology courses this year so and my final exams are a couple days after the April MCAT so that's why I'll be writting the August MCAT.
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