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Jun 11, 2002
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I need help trying to figure out if taking the Kaplan repeat course will prove to be worth my time and money. I took the 5-month Kaplan Prep course and in the end, it didn't seem to help much. I studied really hard, took advantage of all their materials, but my verbal score went down from my diagnostics. I have to decide today b/c the kaplan course is starting tomorrow and i need to enroll asap. Someone pleeeeease lend me your advice!


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Jun 5, 2002
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If it didn't work the first time, why would it work this time. Any changes need to come from you and how you spend your time. Before making that decision, try to determine what went wrong and how you can correct it.

To me, it seems that the $400 could be better spent getting different materials, rather than paying $400 for the chance to update your library card.
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Apr 14, 2002
New Jersey
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I took Kaplan for the April 2002 MCAT and from my first diag to the final MCAT, I went up 8 points! So Kaplan did work, but my PS scores were pathetic. I now have to retake for the August MCAT. I thought of retaking the Kaplan course but I said forget about it. Plus I used 90% of the material. I would look into other MCAT prep material. I am going to spend the next 8 weeks on EXAMKRACKERS books. They are good.



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Mar 21, 2002
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The ek course uses aamc materials. Homework were aamc practice items, and problems in the ek books themselves. Each lecture is 50 min plus a 30 min inclass exam (meant to be alot harder than actual mcat passages). A full length aamc test was given 5 times, plus 2 full length take homes ek wrote.
I also supplemented the class with audio osmosis and the 1001 questions. I felt that I needed the extar stuff cuz I've been out of school for 3 years.
my aamc3 test (first test given) was 25 (9V 7P 9B), my real mcat score (april 2002) was 34 (10V 12P 12B)



I have to agree with njdesi. I took the Kaplan course for the April test. Although my score did go up from 21 (diag) to 32, I had a very bad experience with the class (we ended up getting refunds b/c our teacher was simply awful). Anyway, I'm retaking the test in August too b/c of my low verbal score, and I just don't think spending another $400 on Kaplan is worth it. The only thing I liked about Kaplan is the amount of practice materials they have. Since we have used most of them already, there's really no need to retake the class.

P.S. My Examkrackers books are on their way. After hearing all the good reviews, I feel that I have to try them.
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