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Jan 11, 2004
    How long is your main dental building and/or library open?

    I'm thinking specifically of: times you can go to study, practice wax-ups or preps, etc.

    I've heard of two scenarios that are pretty extreme: one school gives 24-hour access to the main building with your ID acting as a key-card, and another school closes the main building at 9PM every night and has very limited (if any) weekend hours.

    Current D-school students please give me a shout, and also say whether you wish it were different at your school or whether you like it the way it is. Thanks!! :)


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    Apr 25, 2002
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      Unfortunately, at Temple, we do not have any 24-hour lab facilities, and this is probably due to the area that we are in. Our labs supposedly close at 9 pm every day (even weekends). BUT, I've found that a lot of the time, janitors will be lenient and will either let you stay till you're done for the night, or give you a one hour extension (till 10 pm). People ususally come in during the weekend to do their work. And as far as I know, the lab during the weekend is open just as long each day as a weekday. As long as you have a car or know someone who will be staying with you that late at night, you should'nt have any problems getting lab work done. And waxups can definitely be done at home because the school gives you an alcohol burner in your kit.

      The dental library isn't open very late at night (only till 8 pm), but the medical library, which is only about a couple blocks away, is open till midnight, and the med building also has a 24 hour lounge in it. so, as far as studying facilities go, I haven't had any problems with that either.

      Anyhow, hope this helps!
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      Jul 24, 2002
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        Well shoot, I stopped going there to study after first semester. :laugh:

        It sucks not being able to discuss out loud with your study buddies there... I think I spent more time in the Alan J Gross room for studying than anywhere else.

        Explains why my knowledge of library hours weren't... up to date. :D


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        Apr 22, 2002
          At NYU,

          The new bench lab is open 8-8 usually and available when there is no class in attendance.

          The Sim lab and new bench lab is available on weekends with supervision by student council.

          The old bench lab is open 24 hours 7 days a week. After hours you have to sign in at the security desk. I really think this is unnecessary, who really wants to go to lab at 4 am and work on preps or provisionals??

          The dental library is open 24 hours 7 days a week for study which is great for those who still have to study. We also get unlimited printing at the library which is very convienent. And they started this new thing of being able to check out laptops which is good when you gotta use that vitalbook (dvd texts).


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          Feb 3, 2002
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            Originally posted by Apoptosis
            I really think this is unnecessary, who really wants to go to lab at 4 am and work on preps or provisionals??

            Been there, done that, and on more than one occasion.

            And by the looks of my cases I have to finish by April 30, I may be doing it again to meet the labwork deadlines and graduate on time...


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            Oct 7, 2001
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              At Arizona:

              Our sim-lab facilities are open 8-5, with an instructor present.

              Out library and building are open from 7am-midnight, with the exception of Saturday when it closes at 10pm.

              I expect a lot of things to change as we get our new class in, and I'm sure the sim-lab will have better hours down the road.


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              Jan 2, 2003
                Penn 7:30Am-11:00PM M-F, SUN (Most of the the time they'll let you stay an hour later)
                8:00am-4:00 PM Sat but as long as you are in the buidling by 4 you can stay till 7

                This is for all facitlites including clinics, Library, except Dent sim lab which requires a monitor.

                If you want to study later the undergrad towers, which are across the street all have rooftop lounges on the 31st floor opne 24 hours. Kinda nice to see the city skyline while your studying anatomy at 2am!
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