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May 13, 2002
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I took my pre-med pre-reqs a long time ago (10 years plus) and am, obviously, a little out of the physics/chem/bio loop. I did well in Bio, but I kind of punted on inorg. chem and org. chem (B's and C's). I also didn't grasp Physics very well (though I somehow managed and A and a B).

The question is can someone realistically do well on the MCAT (11's, 12's) if they didn't excel in the basic sciences? Can the Kaplan courses and Examcracker books bring you over the top??


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Mar 22, 2002
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Here's my background:

bio (B-/C's) 1995/96
did well on other prereqs, but they are also somewhat dated: chem in 1996, orgo & physics in 1997. I barely learned physics in college, sure I got an A, but I really did not understand it.

my april mcat score: 10v 12p 12b

Study hard and always believe you can do it!!

I took the examkrackers course and used all their books plus the cds.



Could you explain what are examkrackers? How are the Examkrackers different from PR? Also, where can I get examkrackers from?

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