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Feb 26, 2021
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  1. Dental Student
I'm sure everyone's experience with a company will be different but I felt the need to make a post to show others the complete lack of customer service that I received from SurgiTel.

In Dec 2020, I made an order for a pair of loupes.
As a student in the Western region of Canada, Jason Meltzer was my rep.
Prior to submitting the order, I asked if a payment plan was available and he replied saying that a monthly plan for 3 months can be arranged, I said "perfect."

Skip forward to Jan 2021, I get charged for the full amount in USD, which converted to CAD but the currency exchange incurred over $100 in conversion fees.
I spoke to the rep and he ensured that I would get a 2/3 refund then I'd be charged 1/3 of the total amount for the next two months.

And of course, the refund didn't cover the currency exchange conversion fees.

After less than 30 days of the trial period, I decided the loupes didn't work well for me and preferred another brand (most companies will offer a 45 day trial period for students).

I initiated a return and sent back the loupes within 30 days.
Despite checking in to ensure that everything was returned properly without any damages, I got charged another monthly payment 4 days later, with more currency exchange conversion fees.

So, I got two other refunds, three in total, which resulted in over $200 in fees when I should've only gotten charged one monthly payment and a single refund.

When I contacted SurgiTel about the issue, they took no accountability whatsoever and all the "blame" was placed upon me, a first-year dental student.
The rep, Jason Meltzer, even sent me this email:
" YOU are the one who should have noticed there was no comments or 3x payment terms on it.

Neither SurgiTel or I have taken any funds or Mishandled your order.

With the next company you order through in the future, you should not be in such a hurry to rush the order, you should look through the order properly and do your own due diligence as with any order or contract


My advice to any student looking to purchase a pair of loupes, talk to upper year students about the quality of a company's products, but more importantly, ask about their interactions with the rep and the level of customer service they have received.

I totally understood that there were going to be fees incurred from the currency exchange but didn't expect such poor customer service when they completely mishandled the order.

- Canadian dental student bought loupes from SurgiTel and inquired about 3 month payment plan for students
- Got charged the full amount and incurred $100 in fees from currency exchange conversion
- Requested a change to monthly payments, got refund but didn't even come close to the amount that got charged in CAD
- Decided to return after 3 weeks, got processed within 4 weeks but got charged another monthly payment with more fees from currency exchange conversion
- Total cost of returning the loupes was around $250 (got charged for shipping both ways as well)
- Rep and customer service blamed me for not going over the order form more thoroughly


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Apr 13, 2010
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Frankly, I don't see anything wrong in whatever happened. Maybe not enough life experience and very high expectations
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Jun 7, 2015
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  1. Dental Student
Frankly, I don't see anything wrong in whatever happened. Maybe not enough life experience and very high expectations
Yep. This is a good opportunity for OP to learn how to deal with businesses and transactions.

Otherwise he/she may get screwed royally if they ever become a practice owner and start dealing with vendors.

Always check things multiple times. Always get things in writing. Always assume the other guy will screw you over. Good life lessons to learn earlier rather than later
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