AZCOM vs DMU deposits due in a couple of days

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Jan 16, 2024
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Hello, I have been lucky enough to be accepted to two DO schools, and I am waiting on the results of 4 MD interviews.

I have worked as a surgical technologist for many years, and my main priority is being able to match General Surgery or ENT (ik ENT as a DO is unlikely)

  • Cheaper (still ~$402,028 COA)
  • 3 ENT last match, which indicates to me it is at least possible
  • Location? Colder, humid
  • Consistently matching less general surgery (Very well could just be class preference)
  • Location? I think I would like to live in a warmer environment in a more urban area, and my SO who is moving with me definitely would
  • Matches quite a few categorical general surgery spots per match (downside is there are a lot of surgery prelims too)
  • More Expensive (~$467,216 COA)
  • Heard a lot of negative things about this school in general
Summary: Overall, it is hard for me to justify attending a school with such a high COA and lesser odds of matching my desired specialty as someone who had high hopes going into this cycle with 3.8+ 517+. Thoughts about reapplying if none of the MD interviews pan out are welcome too.

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DMU, no reason to spend extra. If AZCOM's cost of living estimate isn't accurate, you might spend even more considering how much more expensive it has gotten in the area.