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Bad to PRINT AACOMAS application??

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by MCV, Jun 5, 2000.

  1. MCV

    MCV Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Feb 2, 2000
    Muncie, IN, USA
    Hi guys, I am looking for some application advice. I've been working on the web based aacomas application all day and am frustrated by the 200 word limit I have in the personal statement section. I am considering doing the paper application for more space.

    1) If the personal statement isn't too important to the DO schools, or not as important as it seems to MD schools, it won't matter too much that I can't write a lot. Is it as important?

    2) If is is important and I need to figure out how to write VERY concisely, or do the paper application - is it bad to print neatly in the paper application, but type the essay? Do schools prefer to see typed applications vs. neatly printed ones? Typing in the little spaces they give you would take me forever.

    Any experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. Sherry

    Sherry Member 10+ Year Member

    May 3, 2000
    I believe the personal statement is very important! I went through this process last year and it was a challenge to be creative, consice, and still reflect what I felt was most important about myself as a candidate. I worked on my statement on and off for weeks prior to the date the apps were due out on the computer and I was shocked at how little space they provided even then. Eventually I fine tuned it and sent in the app and will be starting in August.

    I would BY NO MEANS HAND PRINT the app. The app is a direct reflection on your professionalism. You would never send a hand written resume to a potential employer, so don't send one to a potential school. In schools that recieve thousands of applications a year "your presentation" may make the difference in getting an interview or being set aside.

    Good luck!!!
  4. Prof

    Prof New Member

    Jun 4, 2000
    Dear MCV,
    As a member of an admissions committee I can only repeat Sherry's advice - Do NOT NOT NOT hand write your application!!! The physical appearance of ones application reflects on the applicant. I can only speak for myself but when I have a hand-written application in front of me, the interviewee will have to overcome my initial bad perception. I wonder why the person couldn't bother or take the time or make the effort to type or have the application typed.

    As for the personal statement -- 200 words isn't a lot, true But if you keep re-working your essay until you have it down to 200 words then you will end up with a clear, concise personal statement that isn't too long to read!! Some of the best personal statements I've read have been some of the shortest ones....

    Good luck!
  5. Prof

    Prof New Member

    Jun 4, 2000
    This question has come up again on the pre-osteopathic advice about handwriting ones application remains -- "Don't do it!" Good luck!

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