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Feb 10, 2001
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If you are applying to a program that starts at PGY2 (no PGY1), do you go to the match again during your PGY1 year or do you go ahead and apply to PGY2 during your fourth year (and then find an open PGY1 slot somewhere while you wait to start PGY2)? In reading some people's threads, it sounds as if you can apply to the PGY2 programs in your 4th year . . . it doesn't make a whole bunch of sense to me. Can someone clarify that for me, please? Thanks

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Apr 9, 2000
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You apply for both the PGY1 and the advanced, PGY2 at the same time. Let's take the example of Urology which requires a PGY1 year in Prelim Surgery before starting full time training as a PGY2 in Urology.

Many programs will have designated intern spots for their urology residents and are included when you match into their program. Others do not and you are required to apply for a PGY1 spot at the same time you apply for Urology.

If you match into one, but not the other you'll have to find a position (note that its generally more difficult to match into the advanced position than the prelim one).

It appears that more and more residencies are including the PGY1 spot when you match to avoid the problem of ranking someone for PGY2 who doesn't get a PGY1 spot.

Hope this helps.