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Aug 22, 2003
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Is it possible during an IM residency? I have an elective month toward the end of my intern year and would like to work on a basic science research project (I have done basic science and clinical research in the past), but am not sure of the utility of spending a month on basic science research due to the time-consuming nature of experiments and when I would be able to continue on a project. Has anyone done anything meaningful during residency and how was it accomplished?

For fellowship applications, do people routinely do clinical research projects?


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Mar 31, 2006
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One month is not enough time unless you are able to do some significant groundwork beforehand designing your project, getting samples, reagents, animals ready, and so forth. Alternatively, you can join a project in progress and just strive to make a contribution that will get you on a manuscript. This assumes you have some previous bench experience. If not, you'll spend the majority of the month on the learning curve. The important thing in either case is to establish a relationship with your PI well beforehand so you can hit the ground running on day 1.

My program allows a two month block after intern year, and some residents have been able to get posters/abstracts out of basic research in this amount of time, but even then it usually spills into your spare time in the clinical month(s) afterward.
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