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Nov 26, 2008
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I graduated with a BS in pharmacy (1 yr before they made Pharm D mandatory) I'm currently studying for the BCPS exam for next year. I was just curious, if you had a BS and not a Pharm D, and had the choice of getting your Pharm D through a non-traditional program or just getting board certified, which would you choose? I have been practicing for many years, so the expense and time of the non-traditional Pharm D is kind of hard to imagine. I would think if employers had a choice, they would prefer an RPh, BCPS with many years clinical experience than a Pharm D with out the certification. (no disrespect to the Pharm D, just thinking of my situtation :) )Thoughts? Opinions?

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My advice would be to get board certification. I've been in practice for ~26 years and am pursuing this for 2009. Everyone is graduating w/a PharmD so board certification, IMHO, sets you apart.