Apr 26, 2011
Hello wonderful nontraditionals!

So, I have spent the last two years working in a community for the developmentally disabled right after undergrad, and while I love it, I have gotten the increasing itch to finally... dun dun dunnn... TAKE THE MCAT and proceed with heading to school.

I need to call on your old (or, older) sage wisdom to help guide me... I need to choose an online course to take because I need to have the whip cracked over my head (just who I am), however:
1. MOST IMPORTANTLY... I need to be taught the info as if I were an interpretive dance major.. I'm extremely rusty and I need a complete review made as simple as possible, with review, review, review and easing one back into the action!
2. I need to be able to study from a few different locations, on my iPhone, iPad and my mac

TPR or Kaplan online?
Any specifics within each company?

Any help would be welcomed! Thank you very, very much!
Nov 7, 2012
I would be interested to know as well. I am pretty much in the same boat as you.. Spent the last three years working in a cubicle so I'm very rusty on the sciences. Hoping someone can offer advice on the best approach to review/relearn the material.