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Before and After MCAT


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Dec 31, 2002
    Before MCAT:

    I was pumped. Thinking my physics was solid. I went in thinking I just needed some luck and a little gelling and I would be solid on verbal too. And bio I was hoping big things. I actually was delirously dreaming of what it would be like to score higher than a 30.

    After MCAT:

    I was numb. Dead numb. The verbal was tricky (It went from bad to worse to bend over) and the physics was awful too. I had this huge headache and just wanted to stop the bleeding. It was awful. I was thinking the whole time I should void. I should void. But I didn't.

    I had form EM. What was your Before and After experience?


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    Jan 13, 2004
    Nederland, Texas
      Praying that my one practice test and cramming the night before would pay off. But seriously, I just took this test ofr practice with a slight glimmer of hope in the back of my head that that day would be my lucky day and i'd miraculously do well.

      Felt that I wasted a Saturday and $190. Not to mention, headache from hell.


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      Aug 7, 2003
        Before: Scared, pessimistic...apathetic...then became hopeful as i neared the big day.

        After: Happy, cheerful, back to my old self...and could care less...b/c the results are 60 days away..... ;)

        But i've already declared that i shall not re-take in august if i need to re-take. studying that hard twice in the same year might not be good for my poor little head :p
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        Mar 13, 2003
          excited, ready to go, just hoping for a little luck.

          I got to the PS section and couldn't believe what I was seeing, the PS section from last April looked like a joke compared to this one, I kept saying to myself, this isn't happening to me, VR continued the trend, the only section that I felt just a bit confident about was BS, but who knows, probably bombed that one too with all the genetics and crab questions.


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          Oct 7, 2002
            kiahs said:
            Hopeful, positive and maybe a little excited and scared.

            Scared to death. Down and numb. Actually after I did the survey I couldn't even believe it was over. I was kinda shocked. It went way faster then my diags. Now feeling we'll just have to wait and see.

            Dude, my sentiments exactly. I took 6R on wednesday and I was pumped, excited and a little scared. After I took it on sat, I thought I accidently sat in for the USMLE.


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            Mar 8, 2003
            Rap Group Home
              Well, going in I was darn sure I could pull at least a 32--arrogant and confident.

              taking PS: WTF? All these calculations and physics.
              taking VR: you should probably void
              taking BS: looked reasonable but devilish as well, so I didn't void.

              Coming out: praying for a 30 as my intelligence was subjected to the platform of ignominy.

              Expecting: PS: 8 VR 8, BS 10 (or worse); and probably going to re-take in August.
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