Behavior based, structured Interview for Dental school


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Jan 11, 2005
    Hi everyone. Recently I have had an interview for dental school in Canada and it was a structured (7 questions) behavior based interview. My questions is if anyone has experience with these interviews, I would like to start a discussion going, as most Canadian schools are yet to interview (only UBC has done interviews yet, and maybe Mcgill)

    The panel of 3 people (dentists, students, profs) had a booklet of pages (1 page per question), and flipped through each page after each question. It seemed like sometimes they were checking the page, at other times they were scanning the pages looking for certain material after i stated how I would handle a situation.

    If anyone can give input on how to answer these questions, I would highly appreciate it. I answered the questions using my own experience, using past stories and events where needed. I have been told that this interview is meant to understand you as an individual and your qualities. However, if they are looking for 5 specific points (why the full page checklist then??) and I answered a question quite well, but only supplied 2 "check marks" than it is a failed interview.

    Any feedback would be appreciated

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