Berkeley PostBac Experiences?

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Dec 7, 2008
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I read all the previous threads for the Berkeley PostBac and just recently went to their info session.

I'm planning to start with a Gen bio I lec/lab, while working 40 hrs a week, and hopefully completing all my pre-reqs for med school within 2 years.

1) Does anyone have recent experience?
2) How rigorous are the courses?
3) Any programs that help you link up with clinical/ER volunteering?
4) Success stories to M.D, D.O. Caribbean? they mentioned a few at the info session.
5) Any access to UCB tutoring/Pre-med counseling?

or any other input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help in advance!!!
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Dec 22, 2008
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I've read some pretty bad things about it here, but it's my only option for the Fall since SFSU registration is over and open enrollment is a dead end for getting into classes.

I have a question - take Genetics for example. At my undergrad school it was 4 units, but in Berkeley extension it is 3 units. If I retook Genetics at Berkeley extension, would AMCAS count it as a retake and thus average the two grades, or would it be seen as a different class since it isn't the same number of units? Is it possible to retake a class at a different institution or does AMCAS only consider it a retake if you retake the class at the same school?