MCAT Berkeley Review FAQs

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I'm going to collect comments from various threads in an attempt to consolidate them for easy reference. Feel free to post any question you wish and I will do my best to give a detailed answer.

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How are the C/P materials?

TBR physics + gen chem are awesome. Even though I am very strong in these subjects, I just read them all anyway to make sure I know all perfectly.

OChem was one of my strongest subjects coming in and I still felt like I got a lot out of TBR without being overwhelmed or confused.

I felt that TBR Orgo was pretty straightforward and easy relative to my orgo class. It was the one TBR book where I consistently killed the review problems.

This debate has gotten so old! TBR is the best MCAT content book available for ALL subjects. Some people say TBR Bio or O.Chem may be an overkill, failing to realize the goal is to increase your familiarity w/ words, phrases and experiments that would otherwise be totally foreign. Some of material that appear in TBR's Bio and O.Chem content/passages are things that can appear in an MCAT passage. How do I know? I've taken the MCAT already.

I used a combo of TBR and EK when preparing for the MCAT. Practice passages in TBR prepared me best for the actual MCAT, especially in biochem and physics. I would highly recommend it.

I like their questions -- actually I remember seeing one of the compounds from their books on the actual MCAT. Content review is only 40% of the game -- much of it is actually being able to think through what's happening. The Bio section now focuses on more reading comprehension, understanding an experiment.

I really did get great use out of the chapters and enjoyed the read, which explained things better in many cases than my professors did.