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Jul 25, 2007
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Update 12/16:
All Books have been SOLD. Thanks for all those who were interested.

UPDATE 12/14:

EK 1001 Biology + EK 101 Verbal are SOLD.

I still have complete EK set available.

UPDATE 12/13:
All BR Books + TPR Books are SOLD

I still have EK 1001 Biology, EK 101 Verbal and the complete EK set available. All of these are unmarked and in perfectly mint condition. PM me if interested.

I'm selling the following books. I bought them all summer of '09 so they are still current and up to date.

BR Biology - $50
EK 1001 Biology - $20
BR Chemistry - $50
BR Organic Chemistry - $50
BR Physics - $50
EK 101 Verbal - $20
TPR Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook + Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review Book (2 books total and these are slightly older from 2005) - $20
EK MCAT Complete Study Package (Bio, Physics, Chem, OChem) - $75

I will add shipping charges on top depending on what you buy. I will consider discounts on them if you buy all of them.

PM me if interested. :D
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Mar 10, 2010
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Hi I have seriously been looking for BR books forever! I am taking the april MCAT and I would love to purchase these books from you! Let me know what the next step is!