Best books for Pediatrics Shelf Exam in 2022

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Feb 2, 2019
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I'm looking for recommendations of books to use for Pediatrics clerkship in 2022 and I all could find was a 2002 thread. Is Blueprints till the best book or what would you suggest for Pediatric shelf Exams (NBME) to use?

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Can someone give me some ideas? I've heard of Blueprints, First Aid for Pediatrics, and others, but there are so many choices and my school doesn't recommend anyone except this 5000 page book.
Know UW cold. That should give you a really good foundation. Then perhaps Google things to learn peripherally beyond that. If you’re already looking to buy books then getting AMBOSS and using their library might be worth it also?
I created the following google drive to save Clinicals students crucial study time.
All the notes are updated routinely and marked by the update month/year.
Hope this helps!!

REMS drive
Contains Shelf exam notes, High yield Derm review pdf, patient presentation, soap note examples, basic EKG guide and updates USPSTF guidelines
REMS Shelf Exams and CK - Google Drive
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