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CME gift card offers, specifically those that come with a complimentary Amazon gift card, are one of the most popular options amongst physicians looking to use their CME allowance and earn CME credits.

CME Gift Card offers are becoming increasingly popular because they offer physicians the ability to get free gift cards and completely meet their CME requirements. A growing frustration amongst physicians is that they need to complete multiple CME activities to meet their CME requirements because the activities do not offer enough credits. This leads to spending out of pocket funds in addition to the CME allowance they are given by their organization. CME Amazon gift card bundles are popular because they often offer more than enough credits to meet State CME requirements and specific board MOC requirements and the average CME allowance is enough to cover the program.

With the number of CME providers growing rapidly, It can be difficult to find the right CME gift card offer. To help, we have highlighted the top CME offers that come with an Amazon gift card, are cost-friendly, and will help you meet your annual CME and MOC requirements.

Practical Reviews On-Demand with $1,000 Amazon Gift Card

Practical Reviews On-Demand is an online CME activity that offers physicians the ability to earn unlimited AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM and redeem a free $1,000 Amazon gift card.

This program features expert reviews and summaries of important and relevant articles from leading medical journals. In total, there are reviews and summaries covering 23 specialties including Cardiology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pathology, and Psychiatry. The journal summaries save physicians from the time of sifting through dense medical journals and allow them to quickly and easily take away the most critical findings and observations.

Practical Reviews On-Demand can be accessed via your computer, phone, or mobile app. The Practical Reviews mobile app is one of the program’s top differentiators. This free mobile app is very user-friendly and organized, making it as easy as possible for physicians to find the content that will be most relevant to them and earning their necessary CME credits.

Another benefit of the app is that it gives physicians the option to access their material via audio, video, or text. This customization allows physicians to select the format that best matches their preferred learning style or situation.

Finally, the app also features an organized CME tracker. Given that each summary offers a different number of credits, it can be difficult to lose track of your progress towards your annual CME requirements. The app’s CME tracker provides one place where you can easily monitor how far you are towards your CME goals.

Click here for more information on Practical Reviews On Demand.

This article originally appears on, a leading resource for CME activities and information. Click here to read the rest of the article about the top CME offers that come with a free Amazon gift card.
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