Best long-term study plan for OAT?


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Jun 17, 2013
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Hello everyone!

I'm starting college in August of this year. I'm very interested in optometry and have been for a while.
I want to prepare myself for the OAT starting very soon, I know it very early but after having a tough experience with SAT/ACT exams, I don't want to suffer the last few months before graduating.

I'm thinking of doing something like one question a day. Can anybody give me some advice on how to prepare for the OAT? The best study materials...etc.

It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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My best advice is to deeply consider whatever it is you want to study. I took the OAT today and made a 330. I just finished my junior year studying chemistry (biology minor.) I have several friends who studied biology and did fairly well also. Some people want to study psychology and theatre and go to optometry school. I know I would not have done well if I had done this. I started studying for this about 2 months ago, and most of it was review because I had seen it all before. Also, I got A's in general chemistry and physics and most of my biology classes. I knew the stuff pretty well when I was taking the class, but years 2 years later, I didn't remember it very well. However, it wasn't difficult to brush up on it. I, too, tried to start studying for the OAT when I started college. I bought the Kaplan practice test book, but since I hadn't had anatomy, physics, etc., I got discouraged easily. When the time comes, buy the Kaplan review notes and get a Kaplan practice test book. I got one that was several years old because it was much cheaper on amazon. The questions were very similar (some of them almost verbatim). But study hard for your classes, and do well on your tests. You will see the material again, and you will be studying for the OAT without realizing it. The one question a day might be most helpful with the material that you should already be familiar with. (i.e. if you had chemistry or algebra in high school, look at those.) But memorizing answers won't really help. But pay close attention in your classes and don't just memorize stuff for a test and forget it later. Good luck in college and on the OAT!!!