Best pharmacology review book?

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Jul 1, 2008
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I was hoping for people's opinion on what is the best pharmacology book to use for STEP 1. Thanks

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I think the better approach to Pharmacology would be using flash cards instead of a book. I was debating between two different sets, and eventually took the plunge and bought this set -- Pharmcards 4th edition: It looks enormous and can be intimidating at first, but in reality it is not too many (skimmed them to get an idea). I haven't started board prep yet, so I am speaking hypothetically, but I think FA + this flash card set would be above and beyond what you would need (along with UW pharmacology). This set will also be useful for Step 2 CK for all the clinical correlations.
I've been making my own from FA as I go along. If you absolutely MUST have a pharm review book, pharm recall, katzung review and lippincotts are all good. Pharm recall is probably the quickest and easiest to carry around, Katzung has a great guide in the back as well as tons of questions and lippincotts is just kind of inbetween, but does a good job of explaining stuff and goes on a more individual drug basis than Katzung.
Thanks for the input guys. The flash card idea does sound a lot better, does anyone else have any experience with the cards mentioned or had a set they liked?

Thanks again.
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Kaplan (plus videos), no question. If you must, annotate it into first aid.
I have pharm recall and kaplan usmle step 1 pharmacology lecture note book. I am partial towards the kaplan book, it has a lot more graphs etc in it.
Personally Katzung is gold. 4 page chapters with 15 questions after each chapter to ram it into your head. I remember drugs I wish I could forget about now...
Yes that link is the book. Honestly it is gold. I use it for my classes as well and I don't have to read or study anymore to nail each pharm question the school throws our way. I would highly recommend it for a concise source with no BS to learn pharm. I like to understand the mechanisms rather than just purely memming pharm cards.