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Best Post-Bacc program to prepare / refresh for MCAT?


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Feb 23, 2007
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Does anyone have any recommendations?

I actually took many of the pre-med requirements five years ago while an undergrad at Stanford (I did fairly well in the classes). I'm looking to finish the pre-reqs and also refresh on some areas (i.e. human physiology, genetics) before taking the MCAT.

From my experience at Stanford, though, it was clear that our bio / chem classes weren't "geared towards the MCAT"--most of the material was way too advanced and never showed up on the MCAT. So this time around, I'd really want to find classes that are more focused on MCAT material.

Thanks so much for your help!!


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Apr 29, 2006
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The only classes that are "geared toward the MCAT" are MCAT classes. Only a very basic touch of genetics and A+P is on the test...stuff that is usually covered in general bio. That is, apparently, unless you go to Stanford and they skip things like the cell and redox reactions and begin day one with PCR sequencing and NMR spectroscopy...?

If you've taken most of the prereqs and done well, take the class or two you need and an MCAT class. Doesn't sound like you need a post-bac.
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