Not sure if there is a thread for this, but I was looking online for a listing of pharmacies, mostly retail chains that were in my area. And behold, I found a large comments/reviews/suggestions list on consumeraffairs.com about complaints from patients/customers that use the pharmacy (or the chain itself). For example, here is one that always bogs my mind:

"I had 6 prescriptions filled at this pharmacy and every time, it's never ready for pick-up. Give me 20 minutes. I thought this was the reason why my doctor called it in earlier, so I don't have to wait. This last time, my doctor called it in 2 hours ago. Nope, please wait around for 15 minutes. She called it in, so I don't have to wait around. I gave you guys two hours to get it ready. That's it, I will take my business somewhere else. A ten minute trip to go pick up my medicine, turned into an hour trip. I guess the pharmacy doesn't think customers have anything better to do than wait around for them, to do their job."

The last sentence is a good example of why the public assumes we are nothing more than glorified cashiers sitting around doing absolutely nothing. How hard is it to put pills in a bottle?! :laugh:
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