best study aids for comlex 2

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Aug 17, 2003
    what about kaplan q bank for comlex 2,any good?

    also, on a seperate note, because i am applying to DO ortho, i have heard from most places that i dont need to take the test till january. Fo r personal reasons it would so much easier taking it then.......... but im thinking about august now tooo cuz, what if i dont pass in january, then im fcked right, i miss a whole yr or something right.
    so if i apply, they wont have my step2 score, and evenwhen i take it in august, it will take till end of october to get my score. so the questionis, can they still looook at my score in november, or is it up to me to show them,
    cani keep it onthe wraps?


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    Oct 3, 2003
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      Ask your advisor if you have one. If not then I would try and kick some serious tail on the COMLEX 2 as soon as possible. You are going for ortho which is extremely competitive. It would behoove you to have done well on that exam to be taken seriously come interview season.

      If you do fail it, which is very unlikely, then you still graduate. At least thats how it works at our school. I think you can flunk the exam up to 3 times. I could be wrong so again its best to ask your advisor or deans office.

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