best way to study oat subjects:


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May 30, 2009
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I need to start studying for the OAT because I plan to take it like late July-early August hopefully, I'm just wondering what the best way study for it was.

I purchased the Kaplan course's large OAT Review Notes, and I have the lesson book as well. I'm guessing since I'm not enrolled in the course, the lesson book is not the way to go?

Also, I was wondering if you guys had advise on the order in which to start studying the subjects: the subject you find hardest first to get it out of the way? or the hardest subject last so it's fresher in your memory?

Thanks for reading :oops:

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I'd say do each subject for like half an hour every day or rotate throughthe subjects. If you start with ochem or bio, you will never get to the other subjects. But if you start with math and physics and rc, you may not have time to thoroughly understand the more long winded subjects. I prefered to rotate because I got bored of certain subjects quickly, so I would change it up from day to day. But if you have a regular adult attention span you might be fine starting with one topic and just barrelling through it to the next one and so on until you know it all.
thank you mewcakes :) that's not a bad idea. i think i will start with the harder subjects tho, and if my eyes start glazing over, i'll switch to another topic :p