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Aug 8, 2001
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In terms of cool looks, easy navigation, and amount of information, which programs have the best/worst MD/PhD sites?

I was surprised to see so much variability. Some programs only have a single page with very generic and useless info, while other programs hired web design companies and feature Flash/Shockwave plug-ins and streaming video intros.

Of those I've seen, Baylor's is the best in my opinion. Its got a cool Flash movie intro with 3D animation and cool intro music. The info it provides is good too. Columbia's regular MD admissions site is pretty cool too. It also has a cool intro.

The worst I've seen is Stanford. The dont have any relevant info on their page besides who to contact about their program. No description of graduate programs available, admissions, funding, curriculum, nothing.

Yale's had a LOT of info on their site. It seems a little cluttered at times with too many graphics and stuff.

Hopkins seems to provide some good info too, though they dont have any of the flashiness of Baylor or Columbia


harvard has the worst of the schools i'm applying to - a page of plain text info and newletters that are updated about every presidential election year or so - guess they figure they don't need to sell thier program:rolleyes:
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May 28, 2002
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I agree, some pages are like this small and have no info on them. I think Yale's is ok, nice list of other programs on the links page. The CASE website is cool, nice FAQ page and the students look happy.
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