better screener than MDQ that you guys use?

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Sep 3, 2022
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Are you guys using anything in place of the MDQ? i don't really like it personally. I dont get too caught up in screeners but was just curious if other people use something else.

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MDQ is a terrible scale unless you add the following lines.
1) Do not answer yes if the symptoms were from use of a substance.
2) Do not answer yes unless you've had the symptoms for at least 3 days straight without a break.

A local institution does the MDQ on everybody, and all the substance abusers get diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder as a result of it for ridiculous symptoms everyone's had at least once in their life like "did you ever have difficulty sleeping?" Who hasn't?

Not surprisingly the same institution makes more money if the person has a Bipolar Diagnosis but they are involved in pharm company research and can get another few hundred dollars for each extra Bipolar Disorder test subject.
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Jim Phelp's Moodcheck screener is a self-report tool that builds on Gary Sach's Bipolarity Index.


  • Moodcheck-Bipolar-Screener-Adult_0.pdf
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Sydney Bipolar Screener.
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I like the CIDI 3 because it really emphasizes symptoms lasting for "several days or more", the other screeners list all these symptoms with no duration, and you'll see a lot of false positive BPD and trauma related disorder I'd assume