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Apr 13, 2015
It is asking which one is false .

E) Attenuated Vaccines contain a low concentration of the pathogen and will illicit an immune response.

.... but I do not find that The explanation proves that this is false ?

"However the ability to induce protective immunity remains as virulence is lost."

--> but "E" said nothing about immunity being affected if virulence was present or not present ?

......Also I have a question on number 60..... Fish are cold blooded so why would choosing cold blooded be wrong?

Cold Blooded: (of a kind of animal) having a body temperature varying with that of the environment; poikilothermic.


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Feb 24, 2014
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Yea the key word is low concentration of pathogen. That isn't what an attenuated vaccine is. An attenuated vaccine contains a weakened and modified form of the pathogen, and has nothing to do with how much of it is in the vaccine. So basically E is wrong because you are adding just a low concentration of a full strength non-weakened pathogen which isn't the definition.

#60 is one of those "most correct" choices

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