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Jul 12, 2009
Hi Everyone,

So I just received my Biology midterm back (quarter system) and recieved a B-/C+ on it... I am really worried that i won't be able to pull it up past a B+ AT MOST. I don't know if its worth the risk of trying to salvage my grade in bio or if i should change the class to pass/no pass this quarter and retake the class next quarter for a letter grade. I have a 3.15 cumulative gpa and 3.3 science gpa..

My transcript looks like the following:
Chem C, B, B+, A-
Math B, A, A
English B, C-,A-
then some random classes...

i have already taken 1 general education[music history] class pass/no pass last quarter...So I was wondering if given my grades if it would be wise for me to take my bio class pass/no pass and then next quarter retake it for a grade or if i should stick it out this quarter and hope for the best?

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it!
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