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Jun 7, 2004
I started this thread on the medical student forums and was wondering if I could possibly post here also. I wanted to see if we could eventually have a list of blog links for all the medical students/residents with family or other responsibilities besides school. I think it would be really helpful to be able to see what's out there and which blog can most help or relate to you, instead of reading hors of blogs that you can't relate to. I know we are all so busy sometimes I thought maybe having this already sorted out then we could all have more time for all the other things we would like to do (like sleep...for me:D) I think it would be great to be able to follow these incredibly busy future docs, for those who have yet to get there and the rest of us nosy people:D. As of now I can't find any means to know which blog one should follow/identify with or would most benefit from. So I was thinking maybe list your status (married/single/w kids/MS1...) as well as your blog link. Feel free to add anything else!