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    How's everybody! :)

    Am a new member here, mostly lurking around to see what's going on, not really sure if this is right forum to ask specific question about blood banking. I am currently a student taking blood banking right now and everything is new to me as far as the subject. I do have reference books and do online searches but I seem feel stuck .With a lot of information to grasp and the need to associate all this info to understand a concept is a bit overwhelming to me..Anyway, pardon my question coz they might be very basic but I need other people's perspective on this for additional info...(you know the kind when you find a certain textbook a bit confusing and then you go to a different textbook to see if it can explain it clearer?)...

    Anyway, in our case studies it was saying:

    When solving the antibody identification cases:
    1) The following antibodies are ruled out without regard to the zygosity of the rule out cells on the screen and panel: D, P1, K, Lua, Lub, Kpa, and Kpb

    2) The following antibodies are ruled out using homozygous rule out cells only: C, E, c, e, M, N, S, s, Lea, Leb, k, Fya, Fyb, Jka, Jkb

    3) If the following antibodies are NOT ruled out using the routine panel and screen cells, you need NOT select additional cells to do so: Cw, Lua, Lub, Kpa, Kpb, Jsa and Jsb

    Could anybody tell me about the rule of zygosity/homozygous?

    I have attached a sample case study I am working on.... View attachment Case_07.pdf

    Thank you! :oops:
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    Some antigens can be rule out with any lack of reaction, others need to be homozygous before they can be ruled out...

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