Board Cert only has 60% first time pass rate? How do you prepare for it?


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Jun 8, 1999
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  1. Fellow [Any Field]
    Dear all:

    I understand that the board cert from the ABPN II boards only has a sixty percent or so passing rate for first time takers.

    I just like to take a quick survey of people's strategy and feelings on this fact. If you look at this fact, it means that six out of ten of us here will not pass the ABPN part II of the boards. That is a disturbing fact to think about. I worry about it a little. Does anyone here worry as I do about this fact?

    What things are you doing in light of this knowledge? What are your strategies? Or do you even care about the board cert and are you willing to practice just as a board eligible person (which is quite an accomplishment in its own rite).

    I would love to hear opinions and insight!

    I once was an FP resident and I have always found that the best books for both studying the boards and for learning medicine were those question books. For example, I used the Swanson Review book (an FP board Cert review book) to study for even the first three steps of the COMLEX. I found that it was very useful in passing the COMLEX. My colleagues also used them to pass the USMLE II and III.

    I wonder if there is a similar Psych. Board cert review book that I can use both to prepare for the ABPN boards and for learning psychiatry. I find that I really learn best when I do board type questions. What is a good book? Is the MGH Psychiatry Update and Board Preparation book any good?

    How about the Kaplan & Sadock's Study Guide and Self-Examination Review in Psychiatry ?

    Between the two books which one is better? I figure if I get a good ABPN board review book at the start of residency (or even before residency) and just do the questions through the years of residency, then by the time the ABPN comes around, I would have learned a lot of Psych and be prepared for it.

    What does everyone think? Opionions are appreciated.

    Signed: Chin. (husband of Peiyuen, the account holder).

    My wife and mine pictures are here: We were both at one time military physicians. She is now a second year resident in an FP military residency. People salute her and respect her enormously for her military officership and her medical accumen/fund of knowledge. She is a top resident at her program


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    Oct 17, 2003
      Sorry, hit the enter too early-
      1. MGH guide is OK for prite and maybe partI-there is no single book which is good for part II.Typically part II tests u'r clinical skills which is not exactly a test-based knowledge.
      2. Boarding time is a good primer to start reading for part II-take a look.
      Hope this helps:)
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